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Rotary Bottle Washing Machine 96 Stations
Pharmaceutical Machinery - Liquid

Pharmaceutical Machinery

Rotary Bottle Washing Machine 96 Stations MODEL: RBWK-96

Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

Rotary Washing Machine for Vials and Bottles. This GMP model is compact and operator friendly with elegantly matt finished body of S.S.  Semi Automatic Machine with operating system of Manual Loading and Unloading of Bottles.

The bottles are loaded manually on the rotating platform on specially designed bottle holders to hold bottles with varying neck diameter. The bottles are placed inverted in the cup shaped holders. For external cleaning of the bottles spraying showers are provided. Solenoid valves are provided to regulate wash timing and sequence of washing by different wash media.



Salient Features:

Wash Cycle/ Consumption of Water

First Wash :- 400 Ltrs/Hour Approx at 15 PSI.(Detergent Water).
Second Wash :- Minimum Consumption as such, water loss during recirculation shall be compensated.(Steam/Hot Water).
Third Wash :- 700 Ltrs/Hour Approx at 15 PSI.( D.M. or DL. Water).
Fourth Wash :- 15 PSI ( Hot Air For Drying System ).
OUT SIDE WASH :- 1200 Ltrs/Hour Approx at 15 PSI (Ordinary Water).


96 to 150 Bottles/Minute

Electrical Motor

0.5HP/440 Volts/ 3Phase/ 50 Hz/1400 RPM (Four wire) For Main Drive.
1 HP/440 Volts/ 3Phase/ 50 Hz/2800 RPM (Four wire) For Water Pump.

Electrical Heater Tank

3 KW. (For Hot Water)

Total Electrical Load

5 KW

Container Size

Outside Diameter Ø 28 mm to Ø 85 mm, Maximum Height 280 mm

Container’s Neck Size

Ø 20 mm to Ø 38 mm
(With the help of required change parts)

Overall Dimension

1550 mm(L) X 1700 mm(W) X 1350(H) Approx

Net Weight

900 Kg Approx.


Electrical  supply 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing

Air Pressure: Minimum

5 Kg/cm2 Qty: 5 C.F.M


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