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Vial Capping Models
Pharmaceutical Machinery - Liquid

Pharmaceutical Machinery

Vial Capping Models MODEL: VCB - 60/150/250/350/450

Automatci Vial Capping Machine

The Automatic Rotary Vial Capping Machine Models available for PP/ Flip-Off Aluminium Cap. They are suitable for Round Vials with 60 vials on singles head to up to 450 vials per minute on twelve head machine depending on Vial Diameter, Vial Height and Cap Size. Machine construction is in Stainless Steel finish including machine M. S. frame structure with Stainless Steel Cladding/Enclosures. Machine can be used for Molded or Tubular Glass Vials having Plain Aluminium Seals as well as Flip-Off Seals with common change parts for both type of cap.




Machine with Unique Single Roller Sealing System ensures perfect sealing of vials with lower setting time. The Machine is equipped with Vibratory Bowl Feeder for continues feeding of Cap for online operation on any liquid of powder filling line. Machine is suitable for various sizes of Vials as well as Plain / Flip-Off Cap with the help of change parts. Capping Machine is suitable for application in Pharmaceutical and other industries requiring higher production speed on automatic online operation.


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