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Automatic Multi Head Ropp / Screw Capping Machine
Pharmaceutical Machinery - Liquid

Pharmaceutical Machinery



The ROPP Capping machine, cGMP model is available in 4 Head/ 6 Head / 8 Head options. The machine is also suitable for Plastic Screw cap with the help of an attachment. The out put of ROPP Capping Machines vary from up to 100 bottles on Four head to up to 200 bottles per minute on eight head machine. The machines are suitable to apply ROPP cap on round as well as flat/rectangular shaped bottles. The capping machines are ideal for application in pharmaceutical, liquor, food, agrochemical, edible oil, lube oil and other packaging applications. The machines are equipped with Vibratory hopper feeder to feed the cap on to the bottle neck for online capping. The machines can handle glass, plastic, PET, HDPE etc.


Salient Features:


Model No.

4 Head

6 Head

8 Head

Output/ hrs

Up to 6000 bottles

Up To 9000 bottles

Up to 12000 bottles


1HP/440 Volts/50 Hz

1.5 HP/440V/50 Hz.

1.5 HP/440 Volts/50 Hz.

ROPP Cap Diameter

22 mm to 56 mm with the help of change parts.

Container Size:

Diameter: Ø 22 mm to Ø 100 mm Diameter.
Height:  38 mm to 210 mm (Option for bottle height available.)

Height Of Conveyor.

750 mm to 840 mm. ( Adjustable)

Overall Dimension

1150 mm (L) X 650 mm(W)  Approx


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