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Pharmaceutical Machinery - Tablet Granulation Line

Pharmaceutical Machinery

Oscillating Granulator MODEL: 200 / 400 kg

Oscillating Granulator (200 / 400 kg)

Oscillating Granulator ( 200 / 400 kg)

OG - 200 and OG - 400 for Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Fertilizer Industries. This machine can be used for Dry and Wet granulation and have a wide field of application.


Compared to other conventional models available, this machine is the best in terms of high output, minimum fines, low noise level while working, closed and compact to prevent powder leaking out, dust free operation, oscillates at low speed thus preventing excess heat generation and is designed for easy introduction in production line and continuous non-stop operation. The oscillating motion of rotor gives uniform granules with less fines.

Special Features

Oscillating Granulator MODEL: R&D 30 to 150 kg

Oscillating Granulator (R&D MODEL 30 to 150 kg)


• Motor: 1.0 HP 3ph 1440 RPM
• Gear box: C/d 2.5 ratio 1:22
• Contact Part: SS 316
• Capacity: 30 to 150 kg / hour ( can vary as per materials)
• Hopper size: 15" x 18" x 14"
• Stirrer size: dia.142mm & length 345 mm
• Oscillation: 48 per minute
• Over All dimension: 34" (W) x 34" (D) x 50" (H)
• Net Weight: 225 kg

Pharmaceutical Machinery - Tablet Granulation Line
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