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Pharmaceutical Machinery - Tablet Granulation Line

Pharmaceutical Machinery

Communiting Mill MODEL: 25 to 300 kg

Communiting Mill - Output: 25 to 300 kg / hour and above

Output : 25 to 300 kg / hour and above

Communiting Mill  has been specifically designed for wet and dry granulation, pulverization or dispersion of products or ingredients found in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It is also finds application in cosmetics, confectionery, fertilizers, insecticides, detergents and electro flux industries etc.

Salient features:

Technical Specifications of Communiting Mill:

Model TPC-CM
Rotor Speed 1000-2250-4500 rpm
Blades Swinging type with knife and impact edge
Screens 1. Round hole perforated stainless steel sheet
Electric motor  7.5 hp., 1440 RPM, 440 V., 50 Hz., 3 Phase
Overall Dimensions (mm) 69 (L) X 127 (W) X 170 cm (H)
Net Weight (kgs) (Approx) 310
Output (kg / hour) 25 to 300 (Varies according to product, rotor speed & screen)

Pharmaceutical Machinery - Tablet Granulation Line
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