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Pharmaceutical Machinery - Tablet Granulation Line

Pharmaceutical Machinery

Mechanical Sifter MODEL: 20" / 30"

Mechanical Sifter

Mechanical Sifter is specially designed and developed for separation of solids from solids, liquids from solids and production of graded materials in proportion to their sizes. It has features to provide gyratory vibration generated by balance fly wheel. The amplitude of vibration is adjustable to the processing needs by means of movable weight on the fly wheel. This ensures that every point on the screen surface continuously traverses a circular path in horizontal plane with the elimination of the vertical motion.




Special Features

Optional Panel


Technical Specifications.


20" / 30"

Drive Motor

1.5 HP. / 2.0 HP. (1440 rpm / 3Ph / 415 V / Ac)

Screen Size

550 mm / 750 mm

All contact parts are made out of SS304 quality material.

D.O.L. starter provided with the unit.

Out put

Depending upon the material properties and the screen size

Approx. Overall Dimension

900 x 900 x 1200 mm

Applications of Mechanical Sifter

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Dyestuff and colors, Food products, soaps and detergents Cosmetics, pesticides and fertilizers, Paper and paper products and Scrap recovery, Resin, Paints, Polyesters, Minerals, Fruit juice, China Clay, Rubber compounds, Fillers, Straining syrups, Suspended impurities from liquids & oils on continuous use, Cheese, Metal powders, Liquid glazed clay, Animal feed etc.

Pharmaceutical Machinery - Tablet Granulation Line
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